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Answers, Adventures, and Awe

by Norm Bomer

Most families won’t be sailing the Seven Seas anytime soon. They don’t have enough time or money for an adventure as great as that. But the Seven Cs—now, that’s another matter.

The Seven Cs stand for seven words which stand for seven truths which stand for true adventure—the greatest adventure of all. Please allow me to get you outfitted for the expedition. It won’t require lots of time and money. It’s filled with thrills and chills. And monsters! Yes, it’s more than words.

For starters, here’s the Seven Cs: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation. It doesn’t take a Professor Wordbrain to understand what that’s all about. It’s all about all. That means everything, from the beginning to the end. Of the world, that is.

For anyone bold enough to face more than a few monsters, it’s all about the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God.

GWN-AiG article

The article as it appears in News Current.

Beginning next year, anyone can set sail, so to speak, right in the heart of America in the rolling hills of northern Kentucky. That’s where AiG’s new Creation Museum will open in Petersburg, just across the state line from Cincinnati, Ohio.

But listen to this. It won’t be like all those other museums that strain so hard to explain away the Lion and the Lamb, the Almighty Creator of the universe. It won’t be just a warehouse of dusty antiques either, or a quiet little art gallery.

The Creation Museum will include archeological digs, Mount St. Helens, the Grand Canyon, the Sta … hey, watch out for that velociraptor! Where was I? Oh, yes … the Stargazer’s Room, the Time Tunnel, the Creation Walk, the Special Effects Theater, the Reformation, the Six-Day Creation Theater. And that’s just for starters.

You might even get up the courage to climb on Sarah (short for Triceratops), the museum’s fierce-looking but gentle dinosaur with a saddle.

Your adventures will include not only fierce-looking dinosaurs but adversaries far more treacherous. Signs of God’s own enemies will lurk here and there cloaked in deceit. But don’t worry. You’ll be protected as you pass places like Graffiti Alley and the Wrecking Ball of Millions of Years.

In the Biblical Authority Room you’ll see how the awesome Lord of the universe has preserved his written word through the ages.

AiG stands for Answers in Genesis, the organization behind this new museum of true adventure. You’ll see glories of Eden (where T. Rex doesn’t bite). You’ll glimpse sin’s ugly invasion of Paradise and peek into the Cave of Sorrows (where real stalactites and stalagmites grow). Watch out for that pterodactyl!

You’ll check out the Tower of Babel, learn about the Ice Age, and see what Noah’s neighborhood was like before and after the flood.

For several years, the creative folks of AiG have been praying and planning, designing and building. Their 100,000-square-foot complex includes much more than the new Creation Museum. There is also a labyrinth of offices, meeting rooms, workshops, computer room, book store, library, the Noah’s Ark Cafe, and studios for video, sound, graphic design, art, sculpture, woodworking, and radio. Each one is buzzing with activity.

When the adventure opens to the public next year, it will not only bring history to life, it will point visitors to Life itself, to Christ the Creator/Savior. For that’s what AiG has been called to do, not only to proclaim the marvels of God’s Creation, but to proclaim the absolute authority of the Creator’s own written word, the Bible.

This enormous project is on track and rolling, though the task has sometimes seemed more challenging than hunting down an Allosaurus for the neighborhood barbecue like men in the old days probably did. There were some serious delays in getting started. There was opposition from the liberal media, for one thing. And a protest from the Sierra Club stopped progress for almost a year. There have even been threats of violence.

But even though God’s enemies can sidetrack the most noble of human plans, they cannot thwart God’s plans. He has used even discouragement and delay to move the whole AiG project to a new, larger, and more beautiful property. The true adventure is one of his grace.

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